How others have benefited from using Prism Healing Centre’s services

Mark AugerI have been on a healing journey for a year and a half now. A little bit about myself, in 2011 I was diagnosed with stage four adenocarncinoma cancer at my e/g junction which had spread to my paritoneal cavity. In the eyes of western medicine it was inoperable and incurable. I knew I had to look far beyond weteren medicine to heal myself from this illness. Through chemoterapy, diet, meditation, spirituality, energy healing, love, will and spirit I completely extinguished the disease out of body… Continue reading

I originally encountered Duane’s website while doing some research for a work-related project. Although I consider myself to be open-minded, I come from a business and sales background so I confess to struggling a little with the language and concepts around some of the spiritual ‘stuff’ that’s out there. Continue reading

The importance of a proper and professional Energetic House Clearing:

Yesterday, Duane performed a house clearing for me.
I live there with my 2 young sons. A typical morning for me is: Getting up at the crack of dawn (dreading the morning); then I wake up my kids. My youngest son is usually in bed beside me already as he had a nightmare and tiptoed into my bed in the middle of the night. My oldest son is 13. At age 6 he was diagnosed with ADHD, Tourette’s syndrome, OBD and OCD… Continue reading

Over the past year or so, I have taken my 2 children, ages 10 and 12, to work with Duane a couple of times. It’s incredible to me, how, by asking them gentle questions, the kids will open up to him about issues that I had no idea were even issues. This past summer, my son opened up to Duane about school and classroom problems, which had been directly reflected in his report cards… Continue reading

I had met Shaman Eagle Song in 2014. At that time I was looking for myself. I had very difficult struggles for many years. I came from a dysfunctional family of alcoholic and drug abusers that were a part of my daily life and somehow by the grace of God did not follow that path… Continue reading

testimony pic Micheal150Duane is someone I will always feel blessed to have met. He is a very special person and a great conduit for healing, and light-heartedness.

I can feel the deep honesty and humility in his words and Being.

I met Duane at a Radiant Health Expo in Stratford. I heard his words out of the corner of my ear and felt drawn to him. A sense of eager, curious interest came into my being as I approached his presence.

A powerful aura of sanctity radiates from him in a beautiful way. Continue reading

pic Savannah150I began this journey because I noticed I had strayed away from what was truly important to me. I did not start the 7 Directions Foundation Healing with depression or a disease or anything like that, but everyone has a past, meaning they have room for healing to take place. The work done in the Seven Directions can change everyone’s life, in any sort of situation. Besides the fact that the work is absolutely amazing just the experience itself is a gift. Spending time with Duane is so rewarding, he is truly incredible and pure joy to be around. Continue reading

For anyone looking to improve life, change your outlook, let go of the past and free yourself from continuous internal struggle, Shaman Eagle Song can guide you through the difficult process of understanding your journey… Continue reading

TP_DavidWorking with Shaman Eagle Song was one of the most interesting experiences of my life. I met him through a mutual friend after a very stressful and dark period, and knew right from our first contact that this was going to be great. Very easy to talk to, Shaman Eagle Song knew how to break through the walls I’ve been setting up consciously and unconsciously all of my life. He offered practical, simple but effective techniques to help balance and the energy work was very powerful and immediate… Continue reading

TP_KathleenI went to Duane after having second surgery and it was discovered that the cancer in my uterus had spread and I would need aggressive treatment. I have always been a worrier and have suffered from anxiety and depression since my teens. I was impaired my lack of confidence and trust in myself and my abilities. So finding out I had cancer was an extreme challenge. I was very anxious and afraid of the treatment and the cancer and I knew I had to make changes in my life. My first two sessions with Duane took place before the start of chemotherapy… Continue reading

lynda pic150When I came to see Duane I was at my wits end. I had suffered from pain in my shoulder which had been causing headaches for almost two years and they were only getting worse. This along with other ailments had kept me searching for an answer. I noticed such an improvement after leaving my first session with Duane that it prompted me to participate in his 7 direction program. As each session turned to the next I started to feel lighter and more clear. He helped me move through so much and now I don’t feel stuck. People have noticed the difference in my voice and my overall being… Continue reading

Shaman Eagle Song was recommended to me by a friend. I was having great upheaval in my life and didn’t know where to turn. I went to see Eagle Song, and instantly felt calmer. He focused completely on me. The setting, the energy, the focus, all brought me into the here and now… Continue reading

TP_SuzyI found out about Duane through a website that I was browsing and I saved his info in my favourites and 2 years later I felt the need to contact him, I was ready. I later came to find out through a friend of mine, that a friend of hers had gone to see Duane when he had cancer and spoke very highly of him. I’m a big believer in things happening for a reason.

I have to honestly tell you that no counsellor, life coach or doctor could have done what Duane and his 7 directions foundational work has mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically done for me. Continue reading

TP_Siobhan150x150I first met Duane a year and a half before I started working with him and we instantly connected. He is incredibly engaging and is the perfect example of someone who is fulfilling their life mission in service to humanity. Upon meeting him, I knew that one day I would go to him for healing but had too many commitments at the time to fully engage in the Four Directions program in the way that I wanted to. Through synchronicity and what felt like divine intervention I found his contact information a year later right as I began my awakening journey. We met again and I knew in my heart that it was the right time to begin my healing through the Four Directions program. Continue reading

My wife led me to Eagle Song after she did the four directions with him. I was VERY skeptical about energy healing and thought that it would do nothing for me.

Before working with Eagle Song, I was fairly closed off emotionally. If there was a problem with my kids or wife, I would avoid dealing with it at all costs… Continue reading

In May 2013, I was searching the internet for healers when I was guided to Duane’s site. I had no idea what to expect as I wasn’t familiar with Shaman healers but I firmly believed after researching his site that it would be far more beneficial that conventional “talk” therapy… Continue reading

TP_Theo150x150I met Duane through a mutual friend at an event where he was demonstrating his healing work. It was the end of the day for him, and he was ready to pack up when I arrived. He graciously asked me to lay down on his massage table and he began using sound healing chimes and instruments. I was surprised at how quickly I became entranced by the sounds and relaxed, after which he immediately zoomed in on target areas on my boy that were sore/injured. I had not mentioned any of these areas to him before beginning (i.e. right ankle and right shoulder blade), yet he seemed to know exactly what areas needed work and he began drawing the pain away from these areas… Continue reading

TP_MariaAs soon as I met Shaman Duane, I felt like I already know him I actually told him “ I am finally here” and I told him that I felt like I already knew this place. He said to me that after I made the appointment with him by phone my spirit went to see him.

I am really glad I met him, my life change completely. I used to go to meditation classes for 10 years but I never developed anything, now with Duane I understand it is not the meditation,… Continue reading

TP_Ann-Marie150x150I have been a client of Duane Swynarchuck’s at Prism Healing for about a year now. As a musician and performer I have a very physical lifestyle, often carrying heavy instruments and holding the same position for long periods of time. This work can often leave my body tied up in knots requiring help to untangle them.

Duane’s holistic approach to his work provides a caring atmosphere to balance my physical and mental health. Along with listening to all my concerns, Duane has a great sense of intuition for finding areas that need work… Continue reading

TP_Chris150x150What can I say about Duane Swynarchuck and his healing work through Prism Healing?

Awesome…powerful…deeply moving…instructive…poignant…precise…transformative…exciting…interesting…restorative…grounding…healing.

This is the tip of the iceberg. You owe it to yourself to experience a healing with Duane. Your body and soul will thank you…and so will the world… Continue reading

Shaman Eagle Song guided me and healed my heart and soul through his signature Four Directions of Healing.

We worked together as he skillfully guided me through layers of healing with much love and compassion and without judgment.He revealed and healed actual physical manifestations of trauma memory from this life as well as past lives. He led me to uncover my lost inner child… Continue reading

AndreaShaman Eagle Song came into my life in November 2011 at a time in my life when I was searching for a deeper form of healing due to the immense changes that were occurring in my life. Upon meeting him he sensed these changes taking place and it was then and there that I knew he was the one who would assist me on this journey of healing on a deeper level.

I really had no clue what the healing process of working with a shaman looked like; I didn’t even really know what a shaman was all about… Continue reading



As I sit down to write this testimonial, I am completely surrounded by nature with only the sound of the trees blowing in the wind, birds whistling in the trees, the water flowing in the river nearby and the sounds of an airplane overhead.  It is Eagle Song who taught me to be present enough to hear each individual sound and accept it for the beauty that it holds.

When I first met Eagle Song, I was a fairly closed off individual.  My heart chakra was tightly protected by the steel wall I had built up around it… Continue reading

When I began to write about my experience with Eagle Song, I could not stop writing. I ended up writing 7 ½ pages and this is just a short summary.

When I was a child I remember being able to see and feel many auras or energies around nature, animals and people. Over the years I seemed to lose these senses. When I gave birth to my two beautiful daughters these senses returned and even stronger, but then they seemed to disappear when my husband and best friend died suddenly… Continue reading

From the first minutes of entering Shaman Eagle Song’s office, I felt comfort, safety, love and acceptance.

Shaman Eagle Song quickly grasps dynamics through body language and client’s words to direct him to use the modalities that he has trained in to deal with client issues as they come up. Shaman Eagle Song is a good listener and he skillfully questions, probes and processes relevant and irrelevant conversation, to uncover hidden dynamics that he sees as being the continuity of patterns that need to be changed, altered or removed for the full wellbeing of the client… Continue reading

My name is Michael Reilly, I met Shaman Eagle Song a few months after a profound spiritual awakening in my life. Before my awakening I was a very depressed, I was diagnosed with social anxiety disorder when I was 15 after my first attempt to take my own life. Over the next 5 years I began to drink alcohol and experiment with drugs. After a while I started selling drugs and dropped out of school. I became addicted and used the money I made to support my addiction. After getting in trouble with the law and feeling hopeless for so long, I felt there was no way out. Continue reading

On a warm day in August 2009, my cousin and I walked into a small café/natural medicine shop in Fergus, Ontario. We stopped at the store because we were looking for a hot/cold gel that I could apply to my leg—I have a bum kneecap that often dislocates and causes significant discomfort—as my kneecap had dislocated and I was in serious pain. While we were looking around the store I was suddenly approached by a man in the most flamboyant Hawaiian shirt I had ever seen. This man began to ask questions about my knee and then began to ask questions about my personal life… Continue reading

It is with sincere appreciation and respect that I give you my personal testimony as to your ancient shamanic practices.

Having lost many personal qualities and aspects of myself over the years through trauma and life events, I was not living life fully and happily. I felt dead and numb and at times, existence was unbearable. As well, I suffered a host of physical ailments… Continue reading

TP_RuthAnne150x150As soon as I met Shaman Eagle Song, there was a recognition of having found a long lost friend.

I was willing and ready to dig deeper into my inner knowing and his guidance from Spirit allowed me to embrace “my own knowing” more fully… Continue reading

My sessions w Shaman Eagle Song were deep, enlightening journeys into the physical & spiritual layers/multi- dimensions realms of the; “all that I am”; flowing through the All-One-Ness.

Source & my over soul were knocking loudly: I honored my need for core cleansing & releasing blockages ,still required for vibrating, living at my best potential in personal and service lifestyles… Continue reading

As a working mom with two children, I always find myself on ‘overdrive’ caring for the needs of others, with little time taken to nurture and pamper myself. I was encouraged by my mother to attend a healing session with Shaman Eagle Song because of the great changes that she had experienced following her sessions at Prism Healing Centre… Continue reading



When I decided to book my first session with Shaman Eagle Song, I had no idea of what I had to expect from it. I have to confess that I did not know much about Energy Medicine and was very skeptic and on my guard at that time. On the other side, I was searching and willing to try anything in order to get some balance in my life so I decided to try even though I was not sure about the outcome… Continue reading



Dear Shaman Eagle Song, I wanted to write you this testimonial for all the energy work you have done with me. When I first met you at the expo I knew in my soul you were the one to help me move forward in my life at the time I was very confused ,sad , angry , lost , one could say broken . I was so excited to find I won the free 1hr treatment and I wasted no time booking with you. Right from the first session I felt a shift just in the consultation I was shifting I have been to a lot Healers, Shamans ect… in my life and all have been amazing however none of them went as deep as you did and I continue to improve myself each and every day with such ease now because you reminded me that I am stronger than I think…. Continue reading

TP_Darryl150x150I had to write you, firstly to say thank you.

At first, I thought it was just circumstance that we met, but call it what it is, it happened and it sure a heck happened for a reason.

This world seems to be caught up in the never ending quest for knowledge – however there is so much to know in this world that it is impossible to know everything. The biggest thing that I’ve learned since meeting with you in an understanding of the world… Continue reading

I was at an impasse in my spiritual journey when a friend gave me Shaman Eagle Song’s contact info. I called and set up what would turn out to be be one of several powerful and amazing sessions. I never felt anything quite like it. The releasing that took place for me was tremendous. His no-nonsense style and easy amiability allowed me to be open to this experience. Top this off with Shaman Eagle Song’s post-session availability and you could say that I was blown away… Continue reading

October 2011 I fell down a flight of stairs injuring my left knee, right hip and right shoulder with neck stiffness. On a12-month chiropractic care programme there was initial neck stiffness relief; however, I still was unable to bend my left knee and still experienced pain in my right hip and shoulder. My shoulder and upper arm were especially painful when putting on a coat or adjusting my sleeping position. The chiropractor kept telling me to do shoulder stretching exercises: … Continue reading

I have been on a journey to wellness and spiritual growth and was looking for an Energy Healer and Reflexologist, when I met Shaman Eagle Song Swynarchuck. I spent much time with Shaman Eagle Song getting to know him before I decided to have him work on me… Continue reading

“Immediately following my breakthrough session with Shaman Eagle Song, I felt much lighter and in touch with my inner child. Shaman Eagle Song’s ability to elicit powerful energy to achieve our desired goal was truly a gift;one which he uses to it’s powerful end”. When i was leaving Guelph I felt different driving my car, as if I was more in control of my senses. Continue reading

I was visiting Shaman Eagle Song’s house in Guelph for a business meeting at the end of which I asked him about a pain I had on my right upper back. It was quite peculiar since there was no swelling or scar and hot pads did not work either. As I was leaving out the door, Shaman Eagle Song asked me to put my bag down and he touched my back and within a few seconds I felt something… Continue reading

For years I was a chronic pain sufferer and was unable to live a fulfilling life. I knew I needed something and after pursuing different avenues, nothing was working. I was depressed, unable to work, lost and very scared. That’s when I met Shaman Eagle Song in Guelph… Continue reading

“Shaman Eagle Song is exceptional. His combination of body-mind-spirit energy and reflexology is unique – he calmed my mind, de-stressed my body, and energized my spirit. I felt safe, strengthened and regenerated.” Continue reading

As a new parent, it’s very important to me to be the best mother that I can be. I knew that I wanted to be spiritually stronger, emotionally healthier and ultimately achieve a greater balance in my family life. I also knew that there were some life experiences that were still taking the best of me, not allowing me to move forward… Continue reading

I came to know Shaman Eagle Song through a friend of my wife who had a number of health issues that were one day suddenly resolved. We got to talking about it and we had a lengthy discussion about the idea of energy work and the mind/body connection and how traumatic events small or large can have an affect on your physical stature and how you conduct yourself on a daily basis… Continue reading

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