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A written testimony by Sharon

Sharon after

Sharon after

At the age of 9, my father was hit by a car and died.  Our strong bond was extremely special to me and I was more than devastated over losing him, my struggle with the pain, anger, loneliness, and deep depression was set in motion.  At the age of 14, I was sent for psychiatric help and immediately put on medication.  I continued for a year with this treatment, never feeling any better mostly worse.  By the time I was 16 I started drinking, oh it was ok because I was only drinking socially!  I’m not sure when my drinking became a way for me to deaden the pain, maybe it was after my first serious relationship ended badly, maybe it was after the second or third relationship ended or maybe it was after my fiancé died.  It doesn’t really matter when I began to self medicate with alcohol; the fact was I became very good at it and my life was on the express train heading for a wreck!

I visited my family doctor on a regular basis, begging, pleading for help.  Help again was in the form of valium, effexor (an anti depressant) after reaching the maximum dosage and not feeling any better; lithium was prescribed, I knew this was a heavy duty mind altering drug because my doctor felt the need to explain to me it is used to treat psychosis, he may as well have just told me I was a crazy person.  At one point in my ongoing nightmare, I attempted suicide (I had enough meds to do it).  I never imagined the nightmare could get worse, but it did!  I wasn’t living!  Most of the time I wasn’t sure where I was let alone who I was.  Somehow and from somewhere deep inside I managed to find enough strength to take myself off everything, oh except for the alcohol and cigarettes I needed them!  I would have periods when I believed I was well, after all, I was caring for my terminally ill fiancé, my mother who was suffering with dementia and my young daughter, as well as working full time and taking night classes.  So, in my mind I thought, I must be ok.  The periods of feeling strong didn’t last long though and as I continued on my destructive path, I ended up losing my house and my job.  Once again, the doctors prescribed medication and counseling, I had already travelled that path, and it didn’t help so I wasn’t willing to go there again.  Drinking, smoking and eating became my choice of drugs!

Sharon before

Sharon before

Desperate to be well, always searching for someone or something to help me, I read a book that touched on Shaman Healing, I needed to find out more, could this ancient holistic approach possibly  help me?  I began searching for a Shaman practitioner in Guelph and thankfully found Shaman Eagle Song at Prism Healing Centre.  After a few emails, and overwhelming feelings of anxiety I booked an appointment.  Driving to that first appointment I thought, I must be crazy; I don’t know anything about him except what I read on the website, but nothing in me said to turn the car around and go home!  Soooo… I kept going, I figured I had nothing to lose and everything to gain I hoped.

That day was particularly difficult for me, feeling worthless, like I didn’t count for anything, feeling more disconnected than ever before.  I admit I thought several times about cancelling and can’t even begin to say how happy I am that I pulled myself together and went to meet Shaman Eagle Song.  Most of my fears were quickly alleviated when he reached out and hugged me after I burst into tears in the parking lot as soon as he said, “Hi how are you?”  Shaman Eagle Song is a kind compassionate individual and as nervous as I was, he made it easy and completely comfortable for me to open up.  We hadn’t even finished our first session, and the dark heavy feeling I had walking in was lifting, I felt like I had shed about 10 pounds, there was such a feeling of calm and peace for the first time in probably 35 or 40 years!  An amazing awesome feeling!  I had no idea what to expect as I drove away from that first meeting with Shaman Eagle Song, but prayed this amazing awareness would last because the feeling was absolutely euphoric.  What has happened is incredible!  I have stopped drinking!  Wow, that’s huge; I’ve been using that crutch for 38 years!  I no longer feel the need to drown myself in the bottle!  I started walking, making better food choices, eating when I’m hungry instead of stuffing myself, and in the first week lost 5 pounds.  My eyes actual have a sparkle to them, my mind is clearer.  The look and feel of my skin has improved, a cyst I have had on my face which I have been having treated with antibiotics and cortisone shots since 2001 is almost gone, and the red blotchiness on my face caused from rosacea has improved significantly!

The most precious experience is how I have reconnected with my daughter, we actually communicate, a major feat considering she is a teenager!  Shaman Eagle Song told me at our first meeting that as I change everything around me would change; he was right on the mark with that statement!  I see a real improvement in my relationship with my siblings.  At work, I communicate more effectively and the stress level is almost none existent!  I always said I would quite smoking when the stresses I had in my life were gone, I have set my quit date and I am feeling very confident that I will be successful this time!!

Shaman Eagle Song’s holistic approach, powerful energy, insight, and expertise have altered the course of my life in just 4 short weeks!  Finally, I have found what I had so desperately been searching for, peace, happiness, and harmony!  I am totally committed to continuing this journey to heal and know I am blessed to have found Shaman Eagle Song.

Taking the first step is always the toughest, but WOW am I ever glad I found the courage to take it!  Is it easy?  Not at all!  Is it hard work?  You bet!!!  With each and every step I take toward wellness, happiness, and healing, I know I am now on the right path!!!   I would encourage everyone to dig down as deep as you have too, to find the courage and strength, and take that first big step!  I can honestly say you will never look back!

Shaman Eagle Song is a true professional, a truly amazing person, with an awesome gift!  I highly recommend him!

Thank You just doesn’t seem to cut it, words cannot express my gratitude so I say with all my heart, THANK YOU SHAMAN EAGLE SONG! :)

Guelph, Ontario


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