My wife led me to Eagle Song after she did the four directions with him. I was VERY skeptical about energy healing and thought that it would do nothing for me.

Before working with Eagle Song, I was fairly closed off emotionally. If there was a problem with my kids or wife, I would avoid dealing with it at all costs. I had trouble being firm with my boys when they needed disciplining because I found it too difficult to say no. I would also never voice my opinion during an argument, for fear of upsetting the other person.

Through working with Eagle Song, I am learning to use my voice. I am learning to say no to my boys when I need to. And I can also tell my wife how I feel about certain things.

Doing the four directions with Eagle Song was life changing for me as well as for my family. Working with him was literally a make or break situation for my family and now, we are stronger than ever.

Thanks Eagle Song! I look forward to our maintenance sessions.

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