TP_Theo150x150I met Duane through a mutual friend at an event where he was demonstrating his healing work. It was the end of the day for him, and he was ready to pack up when I arrived. He graciously asked me to lay down on his massage table and he began using sound healing chimes and instruments. I was surprised at how quickly I became entranced by the sounds and relaxed, after which he immediately zoomed in on target areas on my boy that were sore/injured. I had not mentioned any of these areas to him before beginning (i.e. right ankle and right shoulder blade), yet he seemed to know exactly what areas needed work and he began drawing the pain away from these areas. In only 5 short minutes he seemed to have a very profound effect on removing the pain in these areas, and when I asked him how he knew that these areas were problematic he began to relate each area to some emotional trauma I was suffering. He was bang on with his diagnosis and I was sold in a very short period of time. I am an engineer, so I generally need to understand the facts and science behind things, however the almost instant pain removal and with an explanation of why these areas were hurting being so exact, I could only conclude that his healing work was real and effective.

I immediately signed up for a 4 Direction Healing session with him, and the positive changes that have occurred since undergoing his work were both undeniable and incredibly successful.

I recommend Duane to anyone undergoing emotional, or what appears to be at first just bodily, pain, sickness, or illness.

Cheers to Prism Healing and Duane’s work.

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