TP_SuzyI found out about Duane through a website that I was browsing and I saved his info in my favourites and 2 years later I felt the need to contact him, I was ready. I later came to find out through a friend of mine, that a friend of hers had gone to see Duane when he had cancer and spoke very highly of him. I’m a big believer in things happening for a reason.

I have to honestly tell you that no counsellor, life coach or doctor could have done what Duane and his 7 directions foundational work has mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically done for me. Duane has spent so much time with me because it’s what I needed and intuitively he knew that. I would cry at the drop of a pin, I had so much sadness and to be very honest with you, I really didn’t care to be here on earth. I shouldn’t have been feeling this way at all because I have a wonderful husband, wonderful kids and a wonderful life! Duane knew this without me saying a word and without me even realizing what I was actually feeling. He really understood me without me having to say anything (which doesn’t happen very often)!

I was diagnosed years ago with an autoimmune disorder and I was told that I had a virus. No medical doctor, naturopath, or energy healer was able to remove this virus. When I went back to see Duane the second time, and I cannot explain what I felt on that table during that session that changed everything for me. I physically felt a very powerful surge run right through my body when Duane was working on me, and with my eyes closed, I could see the virus leaving my body. I hadn’t even told Duane about a virus that was problematic for me and my central nervous system! I wasn’t even thinking about the virus or anything at all, I was just very relaxed which was the norm when I was in his healing room! Duane was also able to help me with physical pain that I had in other areas as well (ankle, knee, hip and gallbladder).

Duane is a wonderful person and I’m so grateful to have met him and will continue to see him.
I don’t trust many people at all. Duane is someone who I trust completely.
What are you waiting for? Call Duane!

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