pic Savannah150I began this journey because I noticed I had strayed away from what was truly important to me. I did not start the 7 Directions Foundation Healing with depression or a disease or anything like that, but everyone has a past, meaning they have room for healing to take place. The work done in the Seven Directions can change everyone’s life, in any sort of situation. Besides the fact that the work is absolutely amazing just the experience itself is a gift. Spending time with Duane is so rewarding, he is truly incredible and pure joy to be around.

Before I had this amazing healing experience, if an event took place that I was negatively influenced by, that made me feel shame or fear, I would deny how I was affected by the event. If I ever told anyone about these events I would urge that “I don’t want this to define who I am.” That is the problem though, when something hurts you, maybe something you are not even aware that has influenced you, it ripples and influences every aspect of your life. Through all the wonderful and powerful lessons I have been blessed with, through the incredible work I have done alongside Duane and the process of the seven directions, those events now truly do not define me because the pain felt is a part of my healing process. This is not because I choose to deny that trauma I have undergone and isolate it from whom I am, these blessings have come about because I have learned to embrace these events as a part of myself and find the blessing within every experience. The seven directions process helped me to confront secrets that I hid from myself and released them so that they no longer affect me, so I have found a greater level of health and happiness.

I began this journey with a fairly good understanding of why people do this work and I was still amazed by how much I was truly changed. My beliefs were enhanced and supported; also my way of life was completely altered. I became brave enough to do things I never thought I would do and with barriers I had built up for years and years, that had been diluting my power, were removed. The incredible part of this work is that it is all about me, my journey and how much I am willing to put into it, and the results are that the whole world around me changed in an incredible way! “Be the change I want to see in the world” Ghandi. I would absolutely recommend working with Duane and doing the Seven Directions program to everyone! It is difficult to explain the power and remarkableness of this program but the whole experience dramatically improved the quality of my life and it has been an incredible investment in myself. Lots of Love!

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