Rosemeri Ritter

Rosemeri Ritter

From the first minutes of entering Shaman Eagle Song’s office, I felt comfort, safety, love and acceptance.

Shaman Eagle Song quickly grasps dynamics through body language and client’s words to direct him to use the modalities that he has trained in to deal with client issues as they come up.  Shaman Eagle Song is a good listener and he skillfully questions, probes and processes relevant and irrelevant conversation, to uncover hidden dynamics that he sees as being the continuity of patterns that need to be changed, altered or removed for the full wellbeing of the client.

My sessions with Shaman Eagle Song began with this information gathering conversation and then moved to the table for hands-on healing.  There is smudging, soft music, candles and a very calming environment and then Shaman Eagle Song “talks” and “listens” to what the physical body wants to say to him.

Through the use of drumming, rattles, and more conversation to work through issues as they arose, I could feel the shift in energy as issues that were held in the cellular memory of body tissues were loosened, broken down and dissipated.

Some three hours later, I emerged feeling “lighter” with some excess baggage left behind and feeling positively moved by the whole experience.  There was a feeling of wanting to return as soon as possible to work on more “stuff”.

After four sessions, I have noticed that I am more clearly able to see family patterns, process the information and make clear choices for myself and not continue to be “sucked in” to other people’s drama and trauma.  I am now also able to slough off others’ comments with ease, comments that would have dragged me down and left me feeling somehow inferior in the past.

Shaman Eagle Song’s sessions helped to improve my overall wellbeing and restore my joy of living once again.

Shaman Eagle Song pointed out that when we work on ourselves, we have the potential to help to heal seven generations past and seven generations forward.  I chose to do this work for all of these generations.  Further, in order to cement this work, my daughter and her family also chose to see Shaman Eagle Song for their healings!

I highly recommend Shaman Eagle Song!

Thank you Shaman Eagle Song, for being there!

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