It is with sincere appreciation and respect that I give you my personal testimony as to your ancient shamanic practices.

Having lost many personal qualities and aspects of myself over the years through trauma and life events, I was not living life fully and happily.  I felt dead and numb and at times, existence was unbearable.  As well, I suffered a host of physical ailments.

I knew that a “soul retrieval” was necessary, but I had not found the right practitioner with the knowledge and commitment for this sacred ancient type of Shamanic Healing.  Fortunately, I met you (Shaman Eagle Song) at a local health fair and found the right Shaman. Thanks to your 200% effort and seriousness in regard to this sacred healing art, I now feel like myself again and will continue to see you on a monthly basis.

Every person, no matter what age or socio-economic background they come from, suffers from physical or psychological concerns.  I strongly urge people with any sort of problem to open their mind, body and spirit to the ancient and sacred Shamanistic Healing Practice that you offer.

You are very “special” to me, and I am forever grateful that you were available and very knowledgeable to practice your special Shamanic Healing art for my best interests.

Yours sincerely and with heartfelt gratitude,

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