In May 2013, I was searching the internet for healers when I was guided to Duane’s site. I had no idea what to expect as I wasn’t familiar with Shaman healers but I firmly believed after researching his site that it would be far more beneficial that conventional “talk” therapy.

I was going through a very difficult separation at the time and we were trying to reconcile but fear, anger, bitterness and resentment were getting in the way. I also had personal issues such as depression, anxiety, guilt, insecurity, all of which were taking its toll.

When I arrived for my first session, I had a terrible migraine. Within minutes of energy work, that migraine was gone. Then Duane proceeded to tell me that my heart chakra was enclosed in a block of cement and that my throat chakra was closed due to not speaking my truth. Then he spoke about my past and present issues with amazing accuracy. I was amazed.

What followed was a very intense, deep energy work session that left me feeling lighter in both mind and body.

With each session I noticed immediate changes. Layers of guilt, shame, insecurity, anger and resentment were peeling away. I had shed many, many tears during these sessions but these were mostly tears of relief as years of baggage was being released.

Given that I had relationship issues, I have suffered a few setbacks but Duane has shown patience, guidance and brutally honest tough love and has helped me through these moments as both a Shaman and friend.

I have learned invaluable lessons and information from Duane.

I have learned to Love and Honour myself. To speak my Truth. To release what no longer serves me. To Trust.

I have relationships that have strengthened. Relationships that were toxic I have since let go of (that relationship included).

The lesson that sticks with me most is that everything is a mirror. Like attracts like. What we give out we get back. I am more conscious of my self talk (I am) as I now move forward with love and respect for myself, and an open heart ?

I am forever grateful to you for what you have provided to me and my daughter (whose also a client)

Much Love and Light


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