Mike & Jean

Mike & Jean

I originally encountered Duane’s website while doing some research for a work-related project. Although I consider myself to be open-minded, I come from a business and sales background so I confess to struggling a little with the language and concepts around some of the spiritual ‘stuff’ that’s out there. That said, when I called Duane I wasn’t closed off but I certainly had my ‘huckster’ senses on high, particularly after what I had been through recently. The first thing that put me at ease even just a little was when he told me that there was no charge to come and meet with him to discuss my situation. When I asked how long the appointment would be he said to give myself at least an hour. I figured there was nothing to lose but an hour.

The two years prior to this had been particularly difficult and filled with upheaval, complete with being taken for a ride in business by some unsavory characters, so at the time I first found Duane, Jean (my wife) and I were in a particularly dark spot. Because of the losses we had suffered plus the upheaval and uncertainty we had been through our state of mind could best be described as borderline depressed; we were struggling to give a damn about much of anything. We had pretty much concluded that there wasn’t anything more to life than slogging our way through an ongoing life of quiet desperation. It wasn’t pretty.

When Duane and I met we sat down in a very comfortable space and chatted. It wasn’t long before the conversation was similar to a couple of old friends who hadn’t seen each other for awhile. It was relaxed, informal and kind of like letting out all the crap to a confidante. Duane explained the process of the 7 Direction Foundation Healing, the timeframe and the experience, and since my intention from the beginning was to involve Jean if I moved forward, I decided it would be worthwhile to have her chat with him as well. You have to understand that Jean’s ‘huckster’ senses are much more finely tuned than mine. It was against her better judgment that I got us involved with the shady characters. Her belief in some of the more ‘out there’ spiritual ‘stuff’ is even a notch or two lower than mine as well but she set up an appointment and met with Duane on her own. As it turned out her experience was very similar to mine…comfortable, easy and open. Either this guy was very good or there was something to him.

After much debate, particularly since a good deal of the difficulty for us over the past couple of years had been financial, we decided to give it a go. The process called for separate appointments; Jean’s first was on a Monday morning and mine was that evening. Despite my quizzing her between her appointment and mine her lips were sealed and I was on my own. I’m not going to go into the details of the process but at the end of each session it was as if a weight was slowly being lifted, making the body lighter and the mind clearer. By the end of the last session the difference in outlook and was huge.

Probably the most welcome and dramatic change for us was in our ability to communicate with and relate to each other. It wasn’t that we were having any specific sort of relationship issues but there was a lot of anger from our recent experiences and although it wasn’t directed specifically towards each other we tend to take things out on the ones closest to us and I don’t think it’s just us that experience this. The closeness that developed through the process was amazing.
It’s as if we learned, once again, that we were partners in this journey. Even though it hadn’t been expressed lately we rediscovered that we were both willing to be there for each other and were trying to move in the same direction. And it has stuck; it wasn’t just a temporary ‘feel good factor’ that wore off once the sessions ended. We are now working happily together on projects we had discussed for years but never quite got around to.

There are a couple of other things that certainly deserve mention when it comes to results from our visits to Duane. Before we started, Jean's issues had been manifesting as serious discomfort and pain in her lower abdominal regions. She had been to see several specialists and done a slew of tests but they couldn't find anything. In short, they decided there was nothing they could do and it was 'likely' time of life problems that 'might' go away someday. After a couple of sessions her discomfort was vastly improved and since we've finished with Duane it has gone completely with no recurrences.

For my part, I have already mentioned that my mental state left a great deal to be desired at the beginning of our sessions and just as I was seeing the light at the end of the tunnel my brother was diagnosed with terminal cancer. He was gone just over a month after the diagnosis. This was very difficult news and an extremely stressful time for everyone in the family. It felt to me as if life had arranged to knock me back down as soon as I was starting to get up. While I won't claim that the process of losing my brother was not painful, I know that if it had simply piled on top of the previous couple of years without Duane's assistance sandwiched in the middle it would quite likely have been a back-breaker for me.

The simple facts are that the problems we were having, whether emotional or physical and whether they could be diagnosed by the medical community or not, were vastly improved or eliminated through our work with Duane. Even if you’re the type that thinks that everything has to have a logical and scientific explanation I would sincerely encourage you to give Duane a call and take some time to sit and chat with him. You won’t be out anything except perhaps a little time and in our case it was time well invested. This was an experience that improved our lives dramatically.

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