Michael Neale

Michael Neale

testimony pic Micheal150Duane is someone I will always feel blessed to have met. He is a very special person and a great conduit for healing, and light-heartedness.

I can feel the deep honesty and humility in his words and Being.

I met Duane at a Radiant Health Expo in Stratford. I heard his words out of the corner of my ear and felt drawn to him. A sense of eager, curious interest came into my being as I approached his presence.

A powerful aura of sanctity radiates from him in a beautiful way.

We spoke only briefly that first day about his 7 Direction Foundation Healing. The deep peace and well-being I felt sprouted in me the undeniable, unforgettable urge to continue to hear what I would hear, perceive what I would perceive, and understand what I would learn from Duane's deep connection to truth.

The sacred way in which Duane funnels energy into living words gives me a deep trust in his abilities, and with a gentle, firm certainty he moves energy inside of my spirit I never knew possible.

I decided to make the trip to Guelph to visit him at Prism Healing.

The sense of euphoria I felt as a result of our work together that day surpasses all my ability to describe it, and I say that as someone who values his ability to describe things. Words fall so short in cases like this, and though Duane offers words which are guided from divine sources, it is not the words but the powerful oceans of energy that are moved and felt in his work which is the gift of a true healer.

Through the sessions we have held together, I have realized and come to understand, with a clarity I have never felt before, who I am.

It is with great joy that I acknowledge and honour that which is truly sacred, which Duane expresses so fluently in his Being. I will refrain from trying to speak for others, but I will observe that we here in the world of Man are starving for true sanctity, for true ritual, for true Stillness, for true Knowing! I will forever be grateful to Duane for helping me see this.

We continued with the Seven Directions energy work.

With each session, I felt greater opening within me, to allow more of who I really am to flow through me.

I felt the weight of old baggage fall away.

I felt greater space within me to allow the silent voice within to honour me and all that is.

I felt greater freedom and clarity.

I felt challenged to look within and let go of fears that were comforting me with my smallness.

I felt tapped in to a love and support that cannot be conveyed in words.

I am forever glad to have had the experiences that have culminated in this testimonial. I am proud to have met Duane and experienced his loving focus and attention. I call him a friend and I name him as a gifted Essene shepherd.

Thank you Duane.

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