Shaman Eagle Song guided me and healed my heart and soul through his signature Four Directions of Healing.

We worked together as he skillfully guided me through layers of healing with much love and compassion and without judgment.He revealed and healed actual physical manifestations of trauma memory from this life as well as past lives. He led me to uncover my lost inner child.

At the time, I was renovating the basement of my house, which was actually a metaphor for the healing I was undergoing. In dream interpretation, the basement represents the subconscious mind and intuition. To add to the wave of healing that spirit was sending me, I unexpectedly began to teach again in a kindergarten class; something I hadn’t done in a number of years. Synchronicity was facilitating the contact and healing with my own inner child.

It was an incredible journey of change that continues to unfold each day – even now. I am now in the flow of life and my heart is open.

I would recommend to anyone truly wishing for deep healing, to put his or her trust and faith in this gifted Shaman. He is exceptional and deeply passionate about his service to the light. This truly is his calling.

With much love and light, Shaman Eagle Song,

Thank you!

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