TP_MariaAs soon as I met Shaman Duane, I felt like I already know him I actually told him “ I am finally here” and I told him that I felt like I already knew this place. He said to me that after I made the appointment with him by phone my spirit went to see him.

I am really glad I met him, my life change completely. I used to go to meditation classes for 10 years but I never developed anything, now with Duane I understand it is not the meditation, It’s not the discipline, it’s me, if I don’t have enough understanding of myself nothing can be changed. I knew I had problems like being very insecure and unfortunately people take advantage of me, Afraid of what the future can hold, afraid of people, always worry for others more than me. I knew it I just never understood it. Now after having the 4 beautiful Directions with Duane I feel like another person, He has shown me how my childhood has affected my life. He gave me some exercises about how I can let go of the people who hurt me, He also told me that I still have some issues from my past life.

I went to see Duane because I was having a lot of trouble feeling negative energies around bothering me, I was really afraid and I went to many people to try to figure it out why they are bothering me like that, but no one was able to tell me anything! But when I talk to Duane He explained to me that what is happening is part of my past life, He was able to see what the real reason was and told me that I had some issues that I still don’t let go and the fear, that instead of rejecting the negative energy, I was attracting it, I also discovered that my ex-boyfriend put some harm on me, He removed all that and He showed me some exercises of energy, so that way I protect myself and feel peace at the same time, and most especially I have to send love.

All of this went away my kids and my husband have been noticing this, my life began changing with all people around me, some of them left, some other people’s changes are amazing and all of this is because Duane explained that if my inside change, definitely my outside change too. I notice that during this time it was a little difficult for me, but when I ask Duane If I can talk with him, He was always able to guide me through and help me to develop my inside. He is very patient, caring, loving person always telling you the truth even if you don’t like it still he does it with a lot of love.

All these beautiful changes happened in 2 months! And I noticed my ability to perceive things real quick, I am not letting people to take advantage of me I can perceive it! My Fear is gone, now I understand that special protection that I always was looking for is inside me!

Thank you Duane for helping me in my difficult times and showing me that life is so simple and beautiful that there is nothing to worry about, I am really grateful and amazed that human beings like you exist.

For many years I was seeking this and I finally found it!

I will always recommended to anyone even if you don’t have any problems trust me it will help you to go to a higher and deeper understanding of yourself.

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