I have been on a journey to wellness and spiritual growth and was looking for an Energy Healer and Reflexologist, when I met Shaman Eagle Song Swynarchuck.  I spent much time with Shaman Eagle Song getting to know him before I decided to have him work on me.

I was immediately aware of the energy flowing through him when he started the reflexolgy and my body acknowledged this energy.  The type of work Shaman Eagle Song does allows him to do ‘energy assessments’ on the body and advises what needs to be worked on.

How my body acknowledged this energy was to immediately start tingling or flushing (making the blood flow through the congested areas).  I noticed that the swelling in my ankles diminished, the bloating around my middle became less noticeable and my skirt was looser, this truly amazed me.  I have bunions on both feet and after the session, both were less noticeable.

My legs due to circulation happening felt energized and less ‘leaden’.  This was with ONE treatment. Yes just ONE.

I am looking forward to continue my sessions with Shaman Eagle Song and truly experience healing!

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