Kelly Crawford

Kelly Crawford

As a working mom with two children, I always find myself on ‘overdrive’ caring for the needs of others, with little time taken to nurture and pamper myself.  I was encouraged by my mother to attend a healing session with Shaman Eagle Song because of the great changes that she had experienced following her sessions at Prism Healing Centre.

I participated in four sessions with Shaman Eagle Song and thoroughly enjoyed each one.  Without being consciously aware of it, I was still harboring a lot of sadness and pain from the death of my father, which came to light within about 15 minutes of my first session.  Over the course of the next three appointments, Shaman Eagle Song helped me to release these feelings and heal from the pain that they had caused me.  I had also been experiencing many strange symptoms on the left side of my body – tingling, numbness and soreness, which Shaman Eagle Song attributed to my lack of self-nurturing and determination to do things ‘on my own’.  This awareness has definitely helped me to make more time for myself and more gratefully accept the assistance of others, creating more balance in my life, and helping to dissipate the symptoms on my left side.

Each of my sessions with Shaman Eagle Song began with a long conversation.  I really valued this open and honest dialogue and Shaman Eagle Song’s perspective on the happenings in my life.  It is not very often that I take the time for such deep self-analysis and self-reflection, and I found these conversations extremely therapeutic.  It was always interesting to hear Shaman Eagle Song’s perspectives – sometimes with insight that I didn’t want to hear, but definitely needed to hear.  During the hands-on energy work in each session, our dialogue often continued, as well as deep relaxation and healing energy work.  I left each session feeling both relaxed and rejuvenated.

I truly value Shaman Eagle Song’s practices and the insight that I have gained about myself and my life through my sessions.  In no way do I consider my ‘work’ to be done and I look forward to meeting with Shaman Eagle Song again in the future, on an as-needed basis.  Until then, I continue on my path, with the wisdom and guidance that I received at Prism Healing Centre as an integral part of that journey.

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