Kayla Lichty

Kayla Lichty

On a warm day in August 2009, my cousin and I walked into a small café/natural medicine shop in Fergus, Ontario. We stopped at the store because we were looking for a hot/cold gel that I could apply to my leg—I have a bum kneecap that often dislocates and causes significant discomfort—as my kneecap had dislocated and I was in serious pain. While we were looking around the store I was suddenly approached by a man in the most flamboyant Hawaiian shirt I had ever seen. This man began to ask questions about my knee and then began to ask questions about my personal life. In the moment I thought it was strange because the man was dead on with the questions he was asking about my personal life. I was in disbelief because I didn’t understand how my bad kneecap could tell him so much about my past history. I took his card and decided to make an appointment with this man who, at the time I deemed “peculiar”.

Obviously the man with the crazy shirt was none other than Shaman Eagle Song. To be perfectly honest I went to see him haphazardly because I didn’t quite believe that he could help me with my bad knee or further with the “emotional stress” he believed was behind it. However, I can say with certainty that Shaman Eagle Song made a huge impact on my life. I will admit his methods were not something I was familiar with. I had never been to a Shaman/Healer before and was not familiar with the chanting, smudging or any other rituals. After a few appointments with Shaman Eagle Song my kneecap had literally popped back in and he helped me work on my emotional stress that was causing my knee to dislocate.

A few years later in, 2012, my knee dislocated once more. I had lost Shaman Eagle Song’s number so I had to retrace where he last worked and I finally hunted him down. I made an appointment and again his amazing insight and harsh truths were able to help my knee. I am a firm believer that no matter what physical, emotional, mental or behavioural stress you are experiencing Shaman Eagle Song can help you, but you must have an open mind and be willing to be honest and real with yourself in order for change to occur.

Shaman Eagle Song I want to thank-you for being the kind, gentle, caring person you are. You have made a tremendous impact on my life.

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