When I began to write about my experience with Eagle Song, I could not stop writing. I ended up writing 7 ½ pages and this is just a short summary.

When I was a child I remember being able to see and feel many auras or energies around nature, animals and people. Over the years I seemed to lose these senses. When I gave birth to my two beautiful daughters these senses returned and even stronger, but then they seemed to disappear when my husband and best friend died suddenly. I lost my husband in a tragic accident and my entire body and everything around me seemed to deteriorate rapidly and paralyze. My body even seemed to age and become lifeless. I felt trapped and depleted of all energy, frozen.

A very good friend of mine introduced me to Eagle Song. I can’t explain in a quick way, but even just the first session I had opened my spirit and my entire being, physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually on all levels. My family members even commented on how vibrant I seemed. Physically I have always had spinal tightness when I am experiencing trauma and TMJ, (lock jaw). It was so bad after my husband died that my jaw shifted. During my journey with Eagle Song, my experience changed me so much that you could physically see the difference, my jaw shifted back to the center!

When I started my journey with Eagle Song I was truly lost. During this journey my being, my spirit, my true self was awakened. Every fiber, every organ, every cell overjoyed all my senses surround me, I feel “alive”. My change has affected my beautiful daughters in so many amazing ways. Letting go of the past, shedding the layers to reveal the wonderful opportunities that this world has for us and loving it all once again!

I could write more and more but the best thing I can write is come and experience this life changing, wonderful transformation, awakening journey for yourself.

*Love and Light*

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