Darryl Watty

Darryl Watty

TP_Darryl150x150I had to write you, firstly to say thank you.

At first, I thought it was just circumstance that we met, but call it what it is, it happened and it sure a heck happened for a reason.

This world seems to be caught up in the never ending quest for knowledge – however there is so much to know in this world that it is impossible to know everything. The biggest thing that I’ve learned since meeting with you in an understanding of the world. Understanding allows me to sleep at night, let go of the past, enjoy the present, and anticipate the future without fear.

I enjoy my interactions even more with people now, as I know I am led to interact with them to enrich my life; and I thought I was a ‘people person’ before that! Shaman Eagle Song, whether you intended it or not, you have improved my business as well. ….as I type this, I have to catch myself in my old thought processes and I again understand that really it isn’t “your intent”, rather it’s “my intent”, and what I want for myself that matters to my life. You have shown me the power in pursuing what makes me happy, then projecting my happiness to others – and I’m sure you know how much fun I’m having being a projector!

You are a healer, you are a spiritual guide, a happiness ambassador and a dear friend, not to mention a pretty awesome dietician (I’m sure I shed 20+lbs and 2+inches off my waist thanks to your directions).

Thank you very much for what you have done for me, and for showing me my own path of “love and light”.

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