Christine Leroux

Christine Leroux

The importance of a proper and professional Energetic House Clearing:

Yesterday, Duane performed a house clearing for me.
I live there with my 2 young sons. A typical morning for me is: Getting up at the crack of dawn (dreading the morning); then I wake up my kids. My youngest son is usually in bed beside me already as he had a nightmare and tiptoed into my bed in the middle of the night. My oldest son is 13. At age 6 he was diagnosed with ADHD, Tourette’s syndrome, OBD and OCD. I have traditionally blamed his morning issues on all that. I can barely wake him up in the morning. I avoid it as long as possible because waking him explodes into a fight within minutes. My youngest son will wake up with me... but will lie around refusing to get dressed; whiny… seemingly unable to hear my requests to get ready to go to school. By the time the three of us reach the kitchen we are all already madder than junkyard dogs.
Breakfast is a war “I don’t like that… I don’t want to eat….NO I DON’T want to “etc. etc.… There are lots of timeouts, name calling; yelling. I can’t leave the kitchen because my kids will begin fighting with each other… I sadly can admit that this has been our typical routine for the past 7 years. I am exhausted and I bet they are too! We make it out the front door to the car, late for school (26 times late this calendar year so far), I’m late for work. We are all mad. It’s tiring and I question my ability to be a good mother.
My kids fight with me to go to bed each night. I have to put my youngest back in bed several times in a night. Just two nights ago we had a long run... it took 3 hours to keep him in his bed!!! My oldest fights as well, which is a whole other scary situation. He does become violent with me on occasion. I hold my breath and wait for the other shoe to drop with him.

I began to see Duane about a month ago. My personal experience was powerful and life altering after the first time. Since I felt these changes so quickly, I decided to ask him to clear my house.
I observed my youngest son on the front step last evening pointedly questioning what had changed. He entered our home and looked all around and kept asking what was different and who was here. I was able to get him upstairs without any hassle; he bathed himself; dressed himself and went to bed and went to sleep within minutes. I had to check to see if he was faking.
My oldest is a cadet. He returned home from parade at 10pm. He hugged me; apologized for being rude to me earlier in the day and went to bed without hassle.
Yesterday I had a long day. I was tired and just wanted to sleep so I honestly didn’t think anything of it however; until the morning.
This morning:
My little one was not beside me. I woke up and did not feel that dread of the start of the day. My oldest son was stirring as I entered his room.
Both kids bounced out of bed and got dressed; BIG smiles. They had a great breakfast; and while I was washing the dishes and making lunches; they came in and sandwich hugged me and told me how much they loved me and each other. There was NO tension. There was NO fighting. There was “please” and “thank you”. LOTS of “I love you Mommy”
This is NOT the way our family behaves in the morning and it was fantastic! I feel like a shining star!!! All smiles; devoured their food… cleaned; dressed; bags packed … and early!!!! They were so pleased they got to play Wii for 20 minutes so the talk in the car this morning was how they can get ready quicker tomorrow. No tears; no name calling; no scolding. ON TIME.
Did the house clearing make this change?
YES!! I have bribed my children. I have begged my children. I have cried... A LOT.
This was a drastic; immediate undeniable change. This is a necessity. I am unimaginably thankful for Duane and for inviting him into my home.

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