Anita Vaaranmaa

Anita Vaaranmaa

Testimonial for Prism Healing Centre –Shaman Eagle Song

My sessions w Shaman Eagle Song were deep, enlightening journeys into the physical & spiritual layers/multi- dimensions realms of the; “all that I am”; flowing through the All-One-Ness.

Source & my over soul were knocking loudly: I honored my need for  core cleansing & releasing blockages ,still required for vibrating, living at my best potential in personal and service lifestyles.

Shaman Eagle Song is directly honest & lovingly supportive in his approach to Life coaching, these supportive energies continue through peaceful, powerful direction, of Divine energies. My Totems and I were so happy; I left with new tools for all aspects of life.

I experienced increased wellness, vitality, & self love; throughout my spiritual & physical bodies.

My Journey with Shaman Eagle Song Eagle Song was colorful, vibrant, all senses heightened & shifting: through the transformation,& transmuting  of outdated inner/outer  paradigms. akin to a re-boot of my sacred   God-self template.

I really enjoyed co-creating with Shaman Eagle Song’s inner child; there was a natural rhythm, dance, and humor: reflected through the back flows of “Creation”.

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