AndreaShaman Eagle Song came into my life in November 2011 at a time in my life when I was searching for a deeper form of healing due to the immense changes that were occurring in my life. Upon meeting him he sensed these changes taking place and it was then and there that I knew he was the one who would assist me on this journey of healing on a deeper level.

I really had no clue what the healing process of working with a shaman looked like; I didn’t even really know what a shaman was all about.  I just knew that it felt right to start this journey with him.  Through sessions with Shaman Eagle Song I have been brought to new levels of understandings about and shown parts of myself that I was not aware of on a conscious level.  He has a way of being able to draw out what I know to be the truth that dwells deep down inside my core being. And with immense love and compassion Shaman Eagle Song has figuratively “kicked my butt” on several occasions to prevent me from getting away with myself or run from the truth, no matter how painful, with great success, might I add!

Most importantly, he has played a vital role over the past two years of the beautiful re-introduction of me to my Self, and has walked with me, and continues to do so, on this path of change all in an effort to guide me back and grow into my “Being-ness”.

I continue to see Shaman Eagle Song for healing sessions on more of a maintenance –type basis, usually when I feel shifts and changes occurring in my life, or sometimes quite simply to gain some grounding. I realized fairly early on in this process that this was a necessity as my spiritual growth is an ongoing process and journey of exploration, and not something that can shift and change, and be discovered overnight, so to speak.

I consider Shaman Eagle Song to be a healer of the highest order and truest form. His love, his compassion, his healing abilities and wealth of knowledge, both ancient and otherwise, is evident in everything that he does. I have always trusted him impeccably with every facet of my healing and this trust continues to this day. There is no one else I would have rather placed, and continue to place my healing into the hands of than this amazing being.  He is a mentor, a healer, a guide, a teacher, a friend-someone I deeply respect.

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