Amy Jacques

Amy Jacques

Over the past year or so, I have taken my 2 children, ages 10 and 12, to work with Duane a couple of times. It’s incredible to me, how, by asking them gentle questions, the kids will open up to him about issues that I had no idea were even issues. This past summer, my son opened up to Duane about school and classroom problems, which had been directly reflected in his report cards. I really had no idea that these things were bothering him; he’s always just played the “I don’t care” card and as parents, we chalked it up to a lack of effort on his part. In all honesty, when my son started talking about the problems he was experiencing in the classroom, I just sort of scoffed it off, and didn’t think much more about it. But man, what a mistake….he truly meant it. For the first time ever through Duane’s abilities, I have seen a really positive change in my son’s school work; he’s taking way more responsibility for his own learning, putting forth the effort and expressing a desire to learn and succeed. He went from being a D student in a couple classes to bringing home A’s and A+’s on some of his assignments and tests! The teacher has expressed to both Dakota and I how much more initiative he’s taking, and the progress report that just came home was the most positive one he’s ever received! Just from one visit with Duane!

Sometimes, as parents, we unconsciously (and sometimes consciously) influence how our children feel about different things, and I love that while working with Duane, they intuitively feel free to be open, honest and sincere about how they really feel, in order to do the greatest amount of healing.

It’s obvious that they recognize that as well, because both kids continue to ask me when they can go work with Duane again.

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