Long Distance Healing

Long Distance Healing

Long Distance Healing by a shaman to complement modern medicine

Long Distance Healing 4If you or a loved one is not able to come to my centre I will perform a session from afar. We are all connected by energy therefore by programming a time for the work to affect the client, the healing will take place no matter where you are.

This work is not bounded by the constraints of either time or space. The compassionate spirits work on your behalf no matter where you are, for them place is irrelevant. We, as humans, may have difficulty acknowledging the power of long distance work but it works.

Here is a set of guidelines to best prepare you for long distance healing:

  • Long Distance Healing 3Prepare in advance. Write down a list of questions and issues you would like help with. Communicate these to me via telephone or e-mail and send me a current photo of yourself or the person in concern.
  • Make an appointment for the healing work just as if you were going to be there.
  • At the appointment time, you call me for a discussion of what needs to change. This may last between five and fifteen minutes.
  • Although it is ideal to sit quietly through the session (approximately 1 hour) it is not essential.
  • Long Distance HealingFollowing the phone call I will do a diagnostic journey to learn what the spirits believe is the best course of action. Then I will journey to do the work they suggest. The spirits know what is best for you and help you accordingly. I will record the journey and when the session is finished I will call and inform you of what transpired.
  • I will describe the work performed and give you follow up exercises to make sure the power “sticks”. This may include doing brief meditations daily, checking inside yourself to feel the spirits I retrieved and asking them for help and wisdom. Or it may include a “prescription” from the spirits, such as getting more sleep, improving your diet, visualizing healing in your body, etc.

Please, think of shamanic work as a complement to modern medicine, not as a substitute.

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