Crystal Grid Protection

Crystal Grid ProtectionCrystal Grid Protection

Because everything is energy and we are all connected, anyone, anywhere who has a negative thought about you or wishes no good for you can influence you and your family at anytime.

Crystal Grid ProtectionOne of the best uses of a crystal grid is for protection from negative energy and harmful energy sources like power lines, electronics, microwaves etc.. A good crystal grid that has been powerfully programmed can contribute a lot to keeping the home environment peaceful and safe and the occupants in good spirits. This applies to humans as well as to pets who frequently suffer from psychic attacks as well. In fact, in many cases it is the pet that takes the blows first before the rest of the family gets affected. A crystal grid is perfect energy tool to keep yourself and your loved ones safe and well and free from psychic interference.

I will come with my crystals and set up a protective grid in and around the perimeter of your home. This will help protect you and your family from the negativity that is always moving around us everywhere we are. This allows you to deal with life’s situations without the interference of other “outside” energy.

Crystal grids generate positive energy and set up a barrier against negativity, thus they increase well-being, making it easier to remain in a positive emotional state in spite of the challenges and difficulties of modern life. Crystal grids can also help to diminish the harmful effects and jarring vibrations of electro-smog, an ever growing menace of modern life.  Ideally your psychic defense should be multi-layered and encompass both your home and your person.


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