Duane Swynarchuck,
Shaman Eagle Song,
Sage, Guide

I am a Shaman, Sage and powerful Guide and I help individuals through difficult times to bring peace, joy and happiness where it is needed. I have studied for over 20 years in Canada, Peru, Bolivia, Italy and Central America with a number of Shamans, Energy Workers, Health Practitioners and various astute individuals in their respective fields.

This is how it all started…

How I Became a Shaman

Duane Swynarchuck, Shaman Eagle Song, Sage, Guide

Duane Swynarchuck
Shaman Eagle Song
Sage, Guide

As a child, I remember playing with balls of energy. I used to bounce them off my bedroom walls to amuse myself when I was grounded or being punished. My Father asked me a couple of times what I was doing and after trying to explain it to him he just shook his head and dismissed it as ludicrous. It wasn’t long before I stopped my experiences with the energy balls because of all the negative and disbelieving comments.

As I got older, I seemed to feel things before they happened. My grandmother would tell me that I had the gift like her. She said it was of great benefit to her in the First World War when she helped her mother bandage up soldiers and prescribe herbs for aid in healing. My grandmother told me she always knew which herbs to use and how much without any training in their uses.

I left that all behind me as I went through my teens, and then I became a biker supporting one of the largest bike gangs in North America – now that was an interesting experience and I hope to reveal it all in my autobiography someday. But my point in mentioning this is, that many nights I would be in a seedy bar in a state of drunkenness (possibly even high) in deep conversations with patrons. We would talk about their problems and I would offer my “two cents” and actually construct a reasonable psychological pathway for them to see how to solve their problems. Now bear in mind, I didn’t have a degree, had never taken any courses or read any books on these sort of topics, it just flowed naturally from somewhere within.

But the most amazing part both to me and the people I would be talking with, is that I was able to “read” them like a book and tell them everything about themselves without ever having met them before and  only having watched them dance on the stage or drink a few cocktails with me. This continued for the better part of 12 years.

Duane SwynarchuckThen one day I met a woman that went by the stage name of Gaia.  This name struck a chord within me and so I asked her what it meant. She told me it was the name of Mother Earth. That was it. That was when my whole world turned upside down and inside out. Things started to change and shift within me. I started to talk more with her and ask her questions and that’s when she explained to me that she was a high priestess in Wicca. She then gave me a book called the 21 Lessons of Merlyn. I absorbed the book and all its content and it started to awaken within me a deep desire to know more about magic and history, healing and energy. Over the next few years I read and studied as much as I could while still being a biker which believe it or not took up a lot of my time in many different ways.  I always found a few moments here and there to read or buy a crystal and play with it and feel its subtle energies.

Then my life shifted again. I was going to become a father. This worried me because of the life I had been living up until that point. So I decided to leave the biker world which is not something you do in a day if you even do it at all. But that’s another chapter of my book. So after a few more years I managed to leave that part of my life behind and I found myself in the mountains of B.C. where I became a student of Tibetan Buddhism.

Over the next 5 years I studied many forms of spirituality, buying very powerful crystals, becoming a hermit living on top of a mountain overlooking a lake, studying intently and expanding exponentially my boundaries of consciousness. This fascinating journey took me to other provinces, studying with medicine men and women in their native traditions.

Duane and SonAfter five years I seemed to hit a wall and could not figure out my direction and intention, and for that matter how to use all that I had learned to that point. Then one day about six months after I had been praying for guidance, I was summoned to South America. More precisely, Peru. I researched many avenues of possibilities and I decided that I was ready to be the Fool in the tarot deck and jump off the cliff. I was on my way to Peru to find the Temple of the Seven Rays. Which for those of you who don’t know, this Temple does not exist in this dimension. So in other words I was prepared to leave this world to find the Temple and continue with my higher learning.

I went to Peru with a backpack full of gear to make the trek deep into the Andes to find the “doorway” to the Temple. And well, we all know life has its own agenda so when I arrived there I spent three weeks traveling around sacred sites and performing rituals in ceremony. I figured it was like an initiation and cleansing before I was able to go off and find the Temple doorway. At the end of the three weeks I met a Shaman who read my Coca leaves in a traditional way. Before he read them he asked me what I wanted. I told the Shaman what I felt I wanted, and then he looked at me and he asked me if I wanted to stay and study with him. I thought long and hard because my intent was something quite different or was it?  Could this be part of the journey to the Temple? I figured if anyone knew about the Temple, this Shaman probably would, but I was sure he was not going to share that information with me right away. So I said yes to his offer.

I stayed almost five years traveling around South America learning the ways of the Shaman, performing ceremony after ceremony in countless sacred places including the famous Machu Picchu. I had learnt how to use and move energy in many forms to help the body heal and each time I learned something new I felt myself growing in ways I could not describe. I was pleased with myself and my learning. I had worked with over 500 different people to help them heal in many different ways as part of my studies in Shamanism. After almost five years I felt that I had completed my time there in South America and decided to return to Canada to continue my healing work.

Upon returning to Canada in early 2007 I decided to learn some of the more common traditional modalities such as Reflexology and Deep Tissue Massage to give me a greater breadth of modalities to work with to really create more powerful healing in the body. Although I am glad I studied these forms of healing, I am now more confident in what I do as a Shaman/Healer. I have returned to my authentic healing style, honoring my path and working in the way that is natural to me.  Oh and by the way, I did find the Temple of the Seven Rays… and that is another story as well.

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