7 Direction Foundation Healing

Welcome to the “7 Directions Foundation Healing”.

In my journey I have come a long way in my own evolution and as my truth was yesterday it may not be or has blossomed into some other truth of today.

This is evolution!

I have been guiding as a Shaman for over 20 years and I am grateful for it. In the last 2 years I have become a Pastor in the Essene Tradition. It is a very ancient tradition dating back to the origins of man.
Through this tradition the guidance of the 7 directions came and I assist people to quickly move through many layers of the self.

To briefly explain, we accept beliefs told to us as children from our parents/care givers, which over time become patterns which call to us experiences that we are to learn and heal from based on the frequency/harmonic of those beliefs.

We will keep attracting these similar experiences until we are conscious and aware of the pattern stemming from the beliefs.
It usually requires a higher vibration energy from an external source (another person/guide) to help shift and eliminate a lower frequency of the belief or unconsciousness to a higher frequency of consciousness.
We all have a huge number of beliefs that we accumulate in our life and typically the older you are the more you have.

The truth is, we only have 2 core beliefs, that we are all one and we are love, these are part of our divine design as co-creators with God.

Any other belief stems from the world of man and they are illusion. Some beliefs are necessary for us to function in this world of man, eg. (look both ways before crossing the street).

It’s about knowing who you truly are as a divine being, here on Earth, having a human experience.
So the 7 directions are the 7 Chakras or kingdoms, working from the root up, mineral, plant, animal, human, angel, archangel, gods.

In each of these kingdoms, different belief systems embed themselves which shape who we are and what experiences are drawn to us.

By clearing certain beliefs you shift the energy and frequency and you change what your body is putting out and therefore shift what you will attract in a different experience.

It is commonly known as the Law of Attraction. Why most people fail at this Senior Law of the Universe is because of what I have just shared with you previously.

Most people do not understand the “full recipe” of this Law and as a result really don’t change what they are putting out. You see, our whole body is the antenna and the heart being, is the generating force behind it.

Most people only attempt to change their thoughts which are only 25% of the equation and this is why, overall, they fail at attaining wealth in abundance in any form.

As a guide serving the light, under the protection and Divine Seals as a Pastor, I am able to be strength to assist in transmuting certain energies/beliefs to clear a way through consciousness, allowing you to raise your frequency.

Through this process your life completely changes.

I guarantee it !!!

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