Prism Healing Philosophy

Crystal Healing

At Prism Healing Centre you can expect professional service in a wide variety of healing modalities, all based on Shamanic Journeying. As a Shaman I am dedicated to walking you through the process to help you transform your life.

Shamanism is the oldest healing tradition in the world. It is the spiritual practices of ancient civilizations and cultures. Traditional Shamanic healing is a holistic approach to health encompassing body, heart, soul and Spirit. Modern research is, only recently, discovering what traditional healers have known for millennia, that disease exists not only on the physical plane but also in the emotional energetic fabric of an individual. Often physical symptoms are a collection of negative emotions.

Some symptoms you may be experiencing related to or caused by negative emotions are:

  • Chakra BalancingRespiratory problems = carrying resentment and anxiety
  • Overweight = carrying emotional baggage from past
  • Liver problems = carrying anger inside
  • Pancreas/diabetic = have lost the happiness in life
  • Knee problems = relationship problems


If you are truly ready for your healing to begin, then come start the integrated process of journeying into the deepest layers of your being. Learn how to awaken and open yourself to vibrational healing. This will clear the blockages that have kept you from moving forward and pursuing a happy and joyful life.

Are you ready to heal?

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